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america so that we finally understood what it was we were about to lose. we were about to lose the blessings of liberty and prosperity. the working men and women of this country, you came out of the duck blind. you got off the john deereand took to the streets and the town halls. we ended up at the ballot box. tea party americans, one and elect oracle -- an electoral victory of historic proportions in november. [applae] we the people, we rose up and we rejected the left's big government agenda. we do not want it, we cannot affordt, and we are unwilling to pay for it. [applause]
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that victory, remember, friends, that was one step in the long march to saving our country. we set a new crop of leaders to d.c., but the permanent political class tried to coopt them. the reality is, we are ruled by a permanent political class until we change that. they talked endlessly about cutting government, yet they keep spending more. they talked about massive, unsustainable debt, yet they keep incurring more. they print, they borrow, they spend more, and then they stick us with the bill. then they passed their own backs -- pat their own backs and claim they solve the debt crisis. when we received our first
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credit downgrade, they promptly went on vacation. they do not feel the same urgency that we do, but why shou they? for them, business is good. business is very good. seven of the 10 wealthiest suburbs are suburbs of washington, d.c. usually i will say poles and mean strippers or cross-country skiers. [applause] but polls in those parts show that some people there believe the economy has actually improved. there may not be a recession in georgetown, but there is in the rest of america. the permanent political class is
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doing just fine. ever notice how so many of them arrive in washington, d.c. of modest means and then miraculously, throughout the years, become very, very wealthy. that is because they thrive -- derive power and wealth from their access to our money -- taxpayer dollars. the use it to build up their frnds on wall street and their corporate cronies, and to reward contributors and to buy votes. there is a name for this. it is called "corporate crony capitalism." this is not the capitalism of free men and free markets, of innovation, hard work, at 6, saifice, and rest -- this is the capitalism of connections, at government bailouts, and handouts.
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influence peddling and corporate welfare. this is the crony capitalism that destroyed europe's economy. it is the solution of big government, big business, and big finance. it is a detriment to all the rest -- to the little gy. -- little guy. otter ignores account for 70% -- entrepreneurs account for 70% of small business in america. do you want to know why the permanent political class never really cuts anything? do you want to know why nothing ever gets done? it is beuse there is nothing in it for them. they have a lot of mouths to feed -- a lot of corporate lobbyists and a lot of special interest that are counting on them to keep the good times and
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the money rolling along. it does not surprise me. i have seen this kind of crony capitalism befe. it is the same old kettl boy politics as usual. i defeated it in my own state. i took on a corpt and compromised political class and they're back room dealings with big oil. -- and their backroom dealings with big oil. sudden and relentless reform sits well with entrenched interests and power brokers. please, you must vet a candidate of 3 record. you must know their ability to successfully reform a actually fix problems they are going to claim they inherited. real refor never sits well with the entrehed special interests. that is what the true voices are
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up -- of reform are quickly demonized. look what they say about you. look what happened during the debt ceiling debate. we have been given warning after warning that ourredit rating would be downgraded if politicians did not get serious about tackling the debt and ficit problem. but instead of making the real cuts that are necessary, they used enron-like accounting gimmicks. they promised that if they were allowed to spend those trillions more today, they would cut billions 10 years from now. by some magical thinking, they figure they can run up a trillion dollar deficits year after year, but still, somehow, forget the unforgiving mathematics that led to the downgrade. they got a rude awakening for the rest of the world. even america is not too big to fail.
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when we violate did get slapped with that inevitable downgrade, the politicians and the pundits turned around and blamed us. independents, common-sense conservatism, we got blamed. they call us terrorists, suicide bombers, and hobbits? [applause] i could not understand that one. what is the president's answer to this enormous debt problem? spend more money. only you cannot call it spending, you have to call it investing. watch what happens nind fema and some of these other bureaucratic agencies -- they do not wa to refer to the centralized federal government as the government. now it is called the "federal
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family." am i too old to ask to be emancipated i wonder? i never thoht i would say it, but i want a divorce. [applause] the president's answer to our debt problem is to incur more debt. spend more money, only call it investing. they want more reliance on government to supply their every need. this is the antithesis of the pioneering american spirit that empowers the individual to work, to produce, to be able to thrive and succeed with fulfillment and with pride. that, in turn, built our free and hope filled country. he wants to win the future by investing more of your hard earned money in some harebrained ideas like more solar panels and really fast trains. these are things a venture capitalist will call non
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starters, yet he wants to do more of them. they think these panels and really fas trains will magically save us. he is shouting, "all aboard obama's bullet train to bankruptcy." [applause] the only future and that barack obama is trying to save is his own reelection. he has shown that he is willing to mortgage our children's future to pay for it. there is proof of this. look closely at where all that green energy stimulus money is invested. you'll see a pattern. the president's big campaign won't -- dollars that big returns to the tune of billis of your tax dollars. the technical term for this is "pay to play."
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between bailout for wall street cronies and union boss securities and green energy giveaways, he took care of his friends. now they are on course to raise $1 billion for his reelection bid so they can do it all over again. are you going to let them do it all over again? are you willing to unite to do all we can to not let them do it again so we can save our country? to be fair, some gop candidates also raised mammoth amounts of cash. we need to ask them, what, if anything do their donors expect in return for their investment? we need to know this because our country cannot afford more
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trillion dollar ank you notes to campaign backers. it cuts to the heart of our problem. i speak from experience. confronting the corruption in the coney capitalism, i started 20 years ago. i do not play that game of hiring expert political advisers just so they will say something nice about me on tv, if you ever wondered. [applause] you know how that game is played, i am sure. the reason is simple. like you, i am not for sale. [applause] because we believe in the free market. i believe in the free market and that is why i detest chronic capitalism. barack obama has shown us cronyism.
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it will lead to our downfall if we do not stop it now. it is a truth that grows our economic problems, our unsustainable debt, and our high unemployment numbers, and housing market that is in the tank, and a stagnant economy politicians are so focused on the symptoms and not the disease, we will not solve o economic problems until we confront the cronyism of our president and our permanent political class. [applause] so, this is why we must remember that the challenge is not simply to replace obama in 2012, but who and what we will replace him with because it is not enough -- [applause] [crowd chanting "run, sarah,
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run"] folks, you know it is not enough to change up the uniform, if we do not change the team in the game plan, we will not change our country. we need sudden and relentless reform. that will return the power to "we the people." this, of course, requires not just words. it is not good enough for the politicians to be throwing our way some kind of a vague -- vague generalities, it is time that they hold -- we hold them acuntable.
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it is amazing to me that good conservatives run away from beingonest and straight up with us about what needs to be done. they do not want to rock the boat. they cannot hurt future at elecon prospects, evidently. -- evidently. they are saying what they think we want to hear. instead, they should be telling us what needs to be said and what needs to be done. let us, today in this field, let us have this adult conversation about what needs to be done to restore america. let's do that now. in five days, our president will gift us with another speech. in his next speech, he will reveal his latest news. his jobs plan. it will have a more lofty goals
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and resurrect -- rhetoric. more illogical fantasies and more continued blame and finger- pointing, but listen closely to what he says. all of the solutions, they are going to recall arawn more of the same -- more chaos, more friends and supporters. his plan is the same -- grow more government, increased more debt, give more of your hard earned money to special interest. this is such a problem, but you know what the problems are. we can go on all day about the problems. talk about status quo in washington. status quo is latin for "more of the same mess we are in." status quo wl not work anymore. you kw the problems because you live them every day. let's talk about real solutions.
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i want to tell you what my plan is. [applause] my plan is a bonafide, pro- workingman's plan. it deals in reality. it deals in the way the world really works. we have to talk about what really works in order to get america back to work. my plan is about empowerment. empowerment of our states, our entrepreneurs, and, most importantly, you. i have trust and respect for you. the way forward is no more politics as usual. we must stop expanding an out- of-control and out of touch federal government. all power and not specifically
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delegated to the federal government by our constitution is reserved for the states and for "we the people." [applause] let's enforce the 10th amendment. devolve powers back locally where the founders intended them to be. second, what happened to all of those promises about repealing the biggest all unfunded government mandates? we must repeal obamacare. [applause] and rein in burdensome regulations. get government out of the way. let the private sector breed and grow. this will allow the confidence that businesses need in order to expand and hire more people. ird, no more runaway debt. we must prioritize and cut. [applause]
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cancel unused stimulus funds. have that "come to jesus" moment whe we live up to entitlement reform. the reality is we will have an entitlement reform, it is just a matter of how we are going to get there. we -- the world's capital markets will be at our throat and we will have no choice but to reform our entitlement programs. the status quo is no longer the top -- an option. and, reform is our duty now and it must be done in a way that honors our commitment to seniors while keeping faith of future generations. [applause] i tell you what, i do not think anything has irked me more than
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this nonsense frothe white house about not sending our seniors their check. it is their money. they have paid into socl security all of their working lives. for the president to say, "we may not be able to cut their check," well, where did all of their money go, politicians? why is the commander in chief willing to throw our military under the bust, threatening that their paychecks may not arrive, but the politicians will still get their checks and their retirement and he will still get his posh vacations? are you not sick to death of those skewed priorities? it is backwards. our seniors and our brave men and women in uniform being used as pawns. it is shameful. enough is enough. no more. [applause]
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of course, it is time for america to become the energy superpower. the real stimulus we have been waiting for is robust and responsible domestic energy production. [applause] we have the resources. the affordable energy is the key to any thriving economy. it must be our foundation. i would do the opposite of obama's manipulation of u.s. supplies of energy. drill here, drill now, let the refineries and pipelines be built. stop cow-towing to foreign countries and dictators, asking them to ramp up production of energy to us.
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we have the resources here. we need to move on tapping our own god-given natural resources that are part of our reserves. i promise you this will bring a real job growth. not the phony fairy dust sprinkled with wishes and glitter. hard ce, all of the above energy policy that builds the link between made in america energy and our prosperity and our security. [applause] you know, there are enough conventional, a long and a natural resource development projects that are waiting for government approval.
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this could create more than 1 million high-paying jobs. it would not cause the government said diane. these projects would generate billions odollars. can you a imagine that? a stimulus program that will did us out of debt instead of digging us further into it. and these are good-paying jobs, and i know that from experience. for years, my own family supported as todd, worked up on the north slope. america's economic revival starts with america's energy revival. [applause] then fifth, we can and we will make america the most attractive country on earth to do business in. right now we have the highest federal corporate tax rate in
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th industrialized world. did you know our rates are higher than china? and communist cuba? this is not generated as much money as she would think, because manyig corporations, they skirt federal taxesecause they have friends in d.c. who write the rules. this makes us less competitive and restrains the engine of prosperity. someusinesses spend more time at trying to figure out how to hide their profits than they do and generating more profits of that they n expand and hire more of us. so to make america the most competitive place to do business, set up shop here, hire people here to attract capital from all over the globe that would lead to an explosion of growth, instead of chasing industry offshore. i suppose, to eliminate all federal corporate income tax. hear me out on this.
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this is how we create millions of high-paying jobs. this is how we increase opportunity and prosperity for all. but here is the best part -- to balance out any loss of federal revenue from the tax cut, we eliminate corporate welfare and bailou. [applause] thiss how we break the back of crony capitalism, because it feeds of corporate welfare, which is just socialism for the very rich. we can change all of that. the message to job-creating corporations is -- we will on shackle you from the world's highest federal taxes, but you will stand or fall on your own, just like all the rest of us on main street. [applause] see, when we in power the job
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creators, our economy will soar;americans will get back to work. this plan is the first step in a long march toward a fundamental restoration of a strong and free market economy, and it represents the kind of real reform we need. and, folks, it must come om you,rom the american people. real hope is in you. it's not that hopey-changey stuff we heard about in 2008. we learned that. real business is in an individual, not in politicians, certainly. that hopey-changey stuff that was put in an individual that when barack obama was a candidate, it did not create one job. no jobs created --that is the first time it has done that
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since world war ii. i get frustrated when the media gets that wrong, talking about governmentreating a job. government cannot create a job. the private sector eates jobs. they are pretty fundamental. we have to get that record. ight. real hope comes from you. it comes from realizing that we the people can make the difference. you do not be entitled to make a difference. can get this country back on the right track. we can do it by empowering the people and realizing, god has richly blessed ts exceptional nation and we do something about that realization. the permanentr political class to reform anything for you. they will not. they cannot. they cannot even take responsibility for their own actions. our credit is downgraded but it is not their fault.
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our economy is in turmoil, but it is not his fault. it's the tsunami or the middle east uprising, it's irene or those doggone atm machines. [laughter] folks, the truth is barack obama is adrift with no plan, because his fundamental transformation is at odds with everything that made this countr great. it doesn't make sense. he doesn't make sense. our president declares that he believes that american exceptionalism just as the greeks believe in greek exceptionalism. us on willlhe has make us just as exceptional as greece. friends, our country is better
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than that . we have to stand together. we can confront the problem and we can achieve lasting reform. and i can tell you from hard earned experience with bombs and bruises along the way, the road ahead is not easy. you will be demonized. they'll mk you. they will make things up. it will tell you to go to hell. so we will not respond, as tempting as it is, to anyone that has disdain for our free market enomy and for individual initiative. we will say -- we won't say, no, you go to hello. . we won't y that. you know why we do not have to say that? when we have time tested truth
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and logic on our side, we win. and when we refuse to retreat because we know that our children's future is at stake, we win. no, the road is not easy, but it is nothing compared to the suffering and sacrifice of those who came before us. a few weeks ago, after my visit to the iowa state fair, we were on the bus tour. i took my daughter piper and my knees mckinley to the world war room in one liberty memorial in kansas city. standing in the rain, reading the inscriptions onhose memorials, about the honor and the dedication to god and country, i thought of all those young patriots who suffered and died so far from alhome. revering our vets, with the next
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generation by my side, there was such clarity in our calling -- patriotic constitutiolists -- we have a duty, not just to the living but to those who came, who died before u s, and to the generations yet to be bored. our freedom was purchased by millions of men who charged the bayonets and they charged the canons. they knew there were going to e, but it was worth it for them. sacrificing for future generaon's freedom. there re the ones that were inth the trenches. they gave their lives so we could be here today. you and i are blessed to be borne the heirs of freedom. -- to be born the heirs of freedom. [applause] as presiendent kennedy said,
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we dare not forget that we are the heirs of tt first revolution, the heirs of those who froze with washington at valley forge and held the line and get as byrd, who freed the slaves to close a shameful chapter, and to carve the nation out of the wilderness. we are the sons and daughters of those who stormed the beaches of normandy and raised the flag at iwo jima and made america the strongest, most prosperous, the greatest nation on earth forever in mankind's history, the greatest, most exceptional nation." [applause] [hairhorn honks] we will never give up. we shall indoor because we live by them moral strength that we call gra.
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we have often skirted a press of this. a providential hand has always guided us to a better future. so let us seek that hand once more carrot ronald reagan said, if we ever forget that we are one nation under god, we will be a nation gone under." thee,e shed his gracce oe on america. we will not squander what we have been given. we will fight for freedom. we will fight for america. we are at the tipping point. united we must stand, ande will nobly save this last bewst st hope on earth. god bless you, iowa. god bless the united states of america. [applause] [air horn honks] >> run, sarah, run. run, sarah, run.
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sarah, run. ♪ >> the farmer's out factory workers do it with pride e 24/7, that assembly line. in every city and every town ♪ we will keep it movin
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>> someone lost a camera. if you find it, could you please bring it here? thank you again for coming. >> sarah. sarah. ♪ >> sarah! >> sarah. >> sarah. ♪
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>> thank you, sarah. >> we love you, sarah. ♪ >> god bless america land that i love
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land that i love stand beside her and guide her through the night with a light from above from the mountains to the valleys -- to the prairies to the oceans white with foam god bless america my home, sweet home god bless america my home sweet home ♪
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[applause] >> god bless, american and god bless the tea party. ♪ ["9 to 5" theme playing] >> and yawn and stretch and try to come to life out on the streets the traffic start jumpin working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living and 's getting by all taking and no giving
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and it's getting by all taking and no giving they use your mind and never gi ve you credit enough to drive you crazy if you let it it's a rich man's game no matter what thyey call it. 9:00 to 5:00 it's getting by all king and no givg they use your mind and never give you credit enough to drive you crazy if you let it 9:00 to 5:00 ey got you where they want you it's a rich man's game... ♪
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>> that's encouraging. what's his name? >> kyle. >> give him a hug for me. >> can you sign this for us? that's a silver -- marker we like to hang ♪ >♪ ca >> if you ask me where i come from here's what i tell everyone i was born -- ♪ >> i appreciate it.
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let me sign if for you . name? your tom? nice to see you. >> we love you. >> i watched the video last night. have you seen it? >> no, i haven't seen it. ♪
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>> hi. howre you? thanks for being here. >> [inaudible] >> thank you for the reception. thank you. appreciate you. thank you for that interception. nra. right on. thank you. >> [inaudible] ♪ >> thank you.
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dying? what are you going to do to help them at ground zero. ? >> have you guys spoken with them? >> we've tried 8000 signatures. ♪ -- my shirt,u sarah? i'm going out there to help them t. thank you,
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can i get a hug? it's a party in the usa party in the usa. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> my name is britney. >> thank y for these prayers.
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e put my hands up, they'r playing my song. it's a party in the usa. >> in yaw have an opportunity to speak out. >> if you eliminate the tax rates, how would you [inauble] >> there are lots of loopholes at all levels. corporate income tax breaks. what else d you want me to grab?
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heartland the only place i feel at ome the way a good man works until the daylight's gone sing a song about the heatland sing a song about my life ♪ ♪ >> tell your mom i say hi. >> i will. thank you so much. god bless. give her a hug from me.
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>> republican presidential candidate mitt romney will announce his jobs plan at a truck company in las vegas. his speech comes two days before president obama addresses congress on his jobs proposal. live coverage at 3:30 p.m. eastern time.
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>> watch more video of the candidates, see what political reporters are saying, and track the latest campaign contributions with c-span's website for campaign 2012. easy to use, it helps you navigate the political landscape with twitter feeds and facebook updates from the campaigns. candidate bios, the latest polling data, plus links to c- span media partners in the early primary and caucus states, all at >> next to discussion on how all redistricting could affect the political power of african- americans. then remarks by house minority leader and nancy pelosi and wal- mart ceo bill simon. >> 84 among african-american political power, redistricting, and the 2012 vote. this is from the naacp annual convention which took place in los angeles in late july.
2:26 am
this portion of the event is just under two hours. >> he has already set ourselves on fire. and all we need to do is pass it. what we want to do is for each of our panelists to give us about five minutes of what they are seeing out there. what kind of recommendations you may have for us as we move forward. this is going to be interactive. but those of you a question is can raise your hands, the staff will coming give you a card. there will be collected.
2:27 am
we will try to get to them. ok? barbara? will you start off? >> good morning. what a pleasure it is to be here at the convention. i want to say to your amazing leadership and so many, thank you for being here and leading this fight. what a pleasure it is to be here. since the 2008 election, this country has been turned upside down. since the 2010 election, at the conservative response, we have seen a total movement that head back to the future.
2:28 am
even former president bill clinton could not keep quiet. he said we're entering a new era. we cannot let this happen. the united states supreme court as part of this. they opened the floodgates. it upheld the indiana law. there was not one iota of evidence introduced here. following 2010, a summit people
2:29 am
stayed home. 25 million people who voted in 2008 did not of the ticket- estimated the majority was over obama voters. what happened was that this open the floodgates for these republican legislators to take control. instead of doing the job. instead of dealing with homelessness. instead filling with foreclosures. the number one priority has been to pass this voter rejection laws. they will continue to have political domination you not be
2:30 am
able to vote. of we will slam the door to ensure our political government. they're passing these walls. you can only vote if you have one particular form of a voter identification. that is a driver's license or identification. most states allow you to share different items. he can show your student id. you can show your college id. you can share your utility bills. it is good enough to get them elected. now they want to slam the door and make it hard.
2:31 am
it is estimated that 20 million people do not possess governmentally issued photo identification. they are using this as a barrier. hoodie think are among them? latinos, native americans. people with disabilities. in new hampshire, they were not even quiet about it. they said the students are too liberal. we've got to stop them from voting. all of this is not about any voter fraud.
2:32 am
it is trying to fight to make sure that we can vote. we stand up. we rise up. we fight. we do not sit back and just say we're going to take this pen we have developed the map. my daddy used to say it is a sin and a shame. look at this. these red the states are the states that have passed these repressive voter i.d. laws. in texas, there's so bad that they said not only are we going to have this voter registration law but we're going to make one formal idea that that would be accepted, a handgun registration.
2:33 am
ok? what do we think we're dealing with? and alabama, georgia, south carolina and tennessee, indiana, all of these states have these horrible voter i.d. requirements. if you look at these blue states, these encourage voter i.d.. what you think it means? you have all these workers. you'll not be able to vote. it is planted a disaster. 23 other states are considering these lots. what else are they doing?
2:34 am
they're making it hard for you to have early voting because blacks use early voting like crazy. and florida bay is it to motivate people to go out and vote. they made it illegal to have any voting on saturday. they make it hard for a third party groups to register people. if you want to register, you better be able to turn in the registration and 48 hours. what i wanted to say to you is that we are not here just to talk about the problem.
2:35 am
where the solution. we are about winning battles. we believe in winning wars. last night, monday in florida while we're here doing what we had to do, people in florida were doing what they had to do. they had rallies and orlando, rallies in the danville -- in edenville to equip people. in florida, they have this history. in south carolina they also have a history. what they did was in order for these laws to become official law, they cannot enact them for 5 counties in florida until the
2:36 am
doj says it is legal and they do not have a discriminatory impact. you need to contact the doj and "don't approve these laws." how do you do that? go to and hit "get involved." find tools.n the other thing we want you to do, we cannot stop this, there -- so much else going on = the other fighting stratgery.
2:37 am
say thta iu to am going to be part of this battle. i was talking about tennessee. one lady said "i am debutizing my self. i will register every black male that i can find. i will take the. i will help them getting an id." we have to reach out. in some cities, in milwaukee, 71% of black me do not have a drive's license.
2:38 am
some will not give it to you if oyu have issues or do not pay child support. i want you to say that we will arm ourselves. let's remember. we are all gideons. the battlefield is huge. it is here. it is now. we are not about to retreat. thte only thing we know is to go forward and stand up. we are the cutting edge of the movement. we are the fiture. uture. nobody will roll over us.
2:39 am
we are the future. i call on you to join in this battle. thankn you sk you so much. [applause] >>all right, barbara. >> one of our panelists that cannot be with us today is our own wade henderson. but we tell them why he is like here today. the president is going to have a meeting today on the debt ceiling. what happens to that will affect each of us. he is there representing us. we wish him well.
2:40 am
he is ready to do what needs to be done. >> good morning. to when i was a younger man, i spoke on a program. i said i am never speaking after him again. about three years later, he was unexpectedly put on a program just before may. i worked with him for many years. i do not preach. i would give the some of my observations. the barbarians are at the gate. nathan is back. barack obama was not only the
2:41 am
first african-american who was elected president. he was the first non-southern democrat to was elected in 48 years pierre their release a study about household net worth. the net worth is $5,500. half of black households in the united states have less than $5,500. total net worth. hispanics saw a big drop in the past four or five years going
2:42 am
from 16 to 6. white saw a little drop. the median net worth for a white house told his 20 that if it 20 times that of a black household. -- the median net worth for the ofte halhouse is two times that a black household. black unemployment listed as prices really is closer to 25. this is post ratio. access to health care. they're not even be a problem or a need for health-care law. it is non-hispanic white people. most have health care.
2:43 am
let me mention in terms of the household word. a third have zero net worth. they had more than what they had and all of their assets. that is post ratio pictures you can go up and down the line. the same thing that is true about income and net worth, about health care, about racial disparity in diseases and all of those things. in the gaps are there. they're there in terms of identification. they were all passed with the intent of reducing the minority vote in the united states.
2:44 am
barber wants you to call the justice department. my suspicious is the justice department is afraid. we have the second detainees support. he is the reincarnation. this is to he is. even when he was a young man in the justice department, he was cost of the voting rights. john roberts was saying no. he is now chief justice.
2:45 am
anthony kennedy is not the woman from arizona. he is not justice o'connor. justice o'connor was willing to stand-up when she thought something was right. i do not think the justice department is going to be strong and a lot of these cases. that being said, that does not mean, first of all, i have to be frank. i analyze politics. it does not sound good. a lot of these will be states. let's be real. south carolina will not elect a democratic senator.
2:46 am
he is in the black majority. the same thing is chairman texas. the same thing as chairman and indiana. kansas somehow got off the tracks. he does become a totally wiped out states. in most of the states, indiana my suspicion as that president obama has written off indiana because there're other promising states. lemme tell about the anger. and did not say this on tv.
2:47 am
i prefer reading about things. they want to take the country back. they want to take the country back to 1950, and 1930. they're going in a different direction. they want to take them back in time. let me tell you what happened to the population in three states. georgia want to mention in particular. in georgia had a 25% increase in the black population between 2000 and 2010. that does not mean anything unless you know where you start off. in georgia and was already 27%.
2:48 am
the black population in georgia between 2000 and 2010, that was two years. some of the know that is a blink of an eye. the black voting age population increased by 401,000 pimm in the hispanic population -- increasing by 240,000 karen there were 720,000 more blacks and hispanics and georgia georgian now has a smaller population than florida. in non-hispanic increase by 36 team. figure twice as fast as the non-
2:49 am
hispanic population. george's 56% non-hispanic whites. texas became a minority states. the hispanic population increased by 1 million. it increased by 2,300,000 between 2000 and 2010. almost four times the growth of the minority population and taxes.
2:50 am
this represented that. what these people dread is they can look at the production lines of the composition of texas, of florida, of a number of other states. first of all, in terms of redistricting, for the first time in history majority served in the minority. even after the of the year 1995, most legislators serve in the majority ca.
2:51 am
they have a say of what went on in the state legislature. 75% of the black legislators in the seven states 75% serve in the minority. they did not have an impact on the drawing of the map. in terms of what happens in redistricting, at 85% came from the minority population. the hispanic population increase between 2000 and 2010 para non- hispanic whites one term.
2:52 am
even though the republicans are in control of drawing the maps and do not have much confidence in the justice department. must the population growth are minority crewmembers. in texas, they're fun to try their best to benefits from the redistricting. 2,400,000 new minority asians and native americans and blacks and hispanics in taxes between 2000 and 2010. that was a majority of the games they made in the population. is your district in going to be ugly? -- is redistricting going to be ugly? >> yes, it is. is it going to be a game
2:53 am
changer? no. redistricting will not matter if people of color turn out to vote. the disaster of 2010 was that people of color were situated in the right places to make a difference. they did not turn out to vote. the dominant thing that will match your between now and 2012, things can be overcome. efforts to redraw districts in disadvantage meant, they can be overcome.
2:54 am
bodies showing up to the polls and forcing their way to casting their vote, that will not be overcome. >> i have one announcement i mean to make. you are suspected to go to the room to pick of your tickets. they need to pick them up asap. room 501b. he will quickly get them and return. -- if you will get them quickly and return. of course come back here.
2:55 am
>> i cannot stand up rigid i will stand up here i cannot sit down. i'm ready for a fight hi. i want to thank my chairman for his lifelong leadership. it is always good to come home family. they just turned 81. i cut my teeth in the ncbp
2:56 am
your member marvin gaye. we know what is going on. dell we deaths -- don't we t? you told us and reminded us the future is calling with courage. if there ever was a time for our leaders to lead. i agree that congress needs to let the women.
2:57 am
he did not have the well for our children. they are firming america's future. it is not his slogan. it is a call to action. i'm here to talk about the road to 2012. the road is happening right now. it is time for our leaders to lead. we need a call to action to weigh in on the debt ceiling. our brothers and hillary has kept us in the know. let's think about this.
2:58 am
why is there even a debt ceiling debate? we know we have to pay our bills. the truth of the matter is what is really going on. it is not about paying the bills. it is about making sure president obama lessons. is about making sure that history is not repeated. is about the wealthy getting welfare. what is going on? there are those that are working overtime to lock the door on our children's future. in georgia they talked about it. soon many years in atlanta.
2:59 am
georgia passed a lot to run our latino brothers and sisters out. now they're having problems getting their vegetables to the market. isn't that a problem that this is the first time that a president of the united states has to show his president it's a pretty is a system is -- is a system. what is going on? he is still alive and kicking in america today. i will not get into this.
3:00 am
black folks became middle-class because of the labor movement. we have to be there. what are we going to do to achieve america's promise that's it is time to act and fight back. i love my brother. he is divorced. we have to fight those. so much want to say. we need to ring gauge the folks we touch.
3:01 am
-- to read engage -- re-engage and make sure those folks turn out. black women, raise your hands. we konw what we have to do. we have been crriyng theb -- carrying the backs for a long time. we need to make sure they get a da's -- ids. you hvae to get this. we make sure that this jim crow law will not take us back to 1939 karen i know where writing
3:02 am
checks. we must do for impolitic spent -- for the politics. we are going to have to write those checks. write a check to naacp. write one to me, too, but write one to naacp. we have to do our part. we've heard from -- about redistricting. you have the ability to get very scientific about getting out the votes. we have to collaborate. we have to organize ourselves. you know i cannot speak -- there has got to be a rally. people that are willing to fight. first, i want to ask all the children in the audience who are under the age of 18 to stand up.
3:03 am
and if you want to be under 18, stand-up. as a bible teacher said, "a child shall lead them of the darkness into the light." don't sit down. we in a fight. all those 18-39, youth and young adults. black youth have been leading the way, increasing the black vote. all those 40 and over, please stand. you have been leading the way, breaking down the door. don't get weary, my children. everybody looked at your brother and sister next year and said, "we know what's going on. naacp family, it is time to break down the doors of racism and sexism.
3:04 am
it is time for our leaders to lead. it is time to take the hinges off the doors and stand in the gap for our children to have a future, to affirm and achieve america's promise. it is time for our leaders to leave. naacp family, we know what's going on. we know what to do. it is time for our leaders to lead. thank you. god bless you. let's organize, organize, organize. thank you so much. >> that's right. >> thank you, melanie campbell. >> they said it was hard to come after reverend lowry. >> is your mike on? >> so good morning. thank you. chairman,

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